A comprehensive range of Combustion Services


Our shopfloor is fully equipped with welding, pipe fitting, lifting and painting facilities and has its own gas mains supply. It is geared towards the manufacture of burners and the assembly of combustion systems and control skid units. This manufacturing base is extensively used for the manufacture, assembly, testing and pre-commissioning of systems such as aluminium reduction cell preheating systems, ladle and tundish stations for the steel industry, portable refractory drying/preheating units and forehearth control skids for the glass industry. We also have the facility to recondition not only Hotwork burners but other manufacturers’ burners, as well as certain valves and other ancillary equipment.

Installation and Maintenance

Hotwork has an experienced team of site foremen and fitters, both mechanical and electrical, to install burners, combustion systems, control systems and complete furnaces. The same team also carries out maintenance either on an emergency call-out basis or as part of a planned preventative maintenance contract on furnaces, kilns, incinerators or boilers.


Hotwork employs some of the most experienced combustion engineers in the world who excel not only in commissioning Hotwork CT combustion systems but also in fault finding, repairing and recommissioning combustion systems on any type of fuel fired thermal process plant. Their commissioning expertise is sometimes even called upon by other combustion engineering companies and furnace builders.

Thermal Audits & Temperature Uniformity Surveys

In the forging and heat treatment industry, we carry out furnace surveys by measuring the temperature on the load and hearth and by ensuring that heat distribution is uniform and meets with stringent quality assurance standards such as Rolls Royce RPS953. A certificate is issued on completion of the cycle which is recognised by the aerospace industry.

Safety Audits

We can also carry out safety checks to ensure that customers’ combustion plant incorporates the necessary equipment required by local safety legislation and specific applications (flame supervision, automatic start-up, automatic shut-down in case of fault, etc.).

Combustion Training

Combustion training can be provided in order to assist customers in setting up standard combustion systems and fault finding. Training can consist of a two-day introduction to combustion, covering the theoretical and practical aspects of different systems, or can be tailor made to a customer’s specific combustion application.