Primary Aluminium

Aluminium Reduction Cell Thermal Bake Systems

  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Over 50 units sold to aluminium smelters worldwide
  • Proven to bake cathodes thoroughly and uniformly
  • Proven to extend cell life considerably
  • Improved cell performance
  • Suitable for both Søderberg and Prebake Cells
  • Suitable to fire on natural gas, LPG and diesel oil
  • Fully automatic system
  • Compact system, easy to set up and dismantle
  • 2 or 4 burner systems available depending on cell sizes
  • Successfully used on 300kA cells.

Hotwork CT have extensive experience in the field of thermal bake as we have supplied, over the last 25 years, in excess of 50 gas and oil fired systems worldwide operating on both Søderberg and prebake cells from the warm climates of Venezuela and Egypt to the freezing winter conditions of Siberia.

There are several advantages of using combustion to preheat reduction cells compared with electrical preheating:

  • By insulating the pot to form a combustion chamber and by using high velocity burners, heat is contained and transferred to the cathode more uniformly and thoroughly, avoiding hot spots and cracks from thermal shock when liquid bath is being poured into the cell.
  • Cell start-up is smoother and pull-up voltages are lower (usually below 10V).
  • Cells stabilise earlier.
  • Cell life can be prolonged considerably as a result of improved baking of the cathode.
  • Pitch fumes released during the preheating process are largely incinerated inside the combustion chamber
  • On Søderberg cells, the metal yield has been found to be higher.
  • Cathodes and anodes are preserved during the preheating process.

The system essentially consists of two trailers, one which stores the burners, the fuel and compressed air hoses and the thermocouples, and one which contains the control panel and combustion control components (filters, regulators, control valves, orifice plates, flow gauges, solenoid valves, etc.).

The system is controlled by a PLC linked to a HMI display screen from where the preheat cycle can be programmed to suit particular heat-up cycles up to 950oC . The control system is also programmed to follow automatically a predetermined safe-start cycle and shutdown procedure required by combustion safety standards.

Our compact system is designed for heavy duty operation, safety, maximum reliability in operation, rapid set-up and dismantling, and low maintenance.