Steel Processing



MAERZ-Gautschi Industrieofen Anlagen GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany for Aubert & Duval Fortech, Pamiers, France 
Type of Plant:
Rotary Hearth Forge Furnace 
Products manufactured:
Forgings for Aerospace Industry 
Scope of Supply:
Design and supply of a regenerative combustion system

Furnace specifications:
  • Rotary hearth dimensions: 7.2 m diameter
  • Height between hearth and roof: 2.2 m 
  • Hearth loading: 42 tonnes 
  • Fuel: Natural gas 
Type of burners:
  • 3 pairs 20/26 Low NOx Regenerative Ceramic Burners each rated at 600 kW, complete with low pressure regenerators
  • Temperature uniformity:
    • +/- 8oC at 1260oC T Max.
    • +/- 9oC at 900oC T Min.
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Reduced CO2 emissions