TWO Trusted Names – ONE Company. Long acknowledged as leaders in combustion innovation, Bloom Engineering Company and Hotwork Combustion Technologies have joined as a company providing solutions to aluminum combustion process challenges. We solve these problems through development of both innovative products as well as creative combustion controls strategies. Some of the ways we can improve the process include reducing emissions, increasing productivity, and improving fuel efficiency.

As NOx regulations become more stringent around the world, Bloom has worked hard on improving its regenerative burner system. We can reduce emissions (of both NOx and CO2) with our latest Regenerative Cyclops technology in which NOx is reduced by nearly ½ compared to Bloom’s already industry-leading technologies. Productivity (melt rate) and dross reduction are particularly relevant to the Aluminum industry. We can address both of these concerns through the implementation of Bloom’s proven IntelligenTM Control Strategy. Although fuel prices are declining, reductions in both fuel use and CO2 emissions are perennial challenges throughout the industry. We can increase efficiency and save fuel through our experience and expertise with heat recovery technologies, such as regeneration.

Through Combustion Seminars provided at neutral sites, customer locations, and our corporate offices, we can provide expert training on many aspects of combustion and aluminum processes. Our superior combustion system design capabilities allow us to provide the optimal solution for aluminum processes. Continual development and improvement of industrial burners is possible in our state of the art lab. We provide spare parts and service to meet timing and combustion needs. Our controls expertise ties the system together to provide the most efficiency for your process needs.



Hotwork CT specialise in the supply of high performance, energy efficient combustion systems tailored to the specific process requirements of the aluminium industry, including:


  • Highly energy efficient Ultra Low NOx Regenerative Combustion Systems for melting furnaces, providing significant increases in melt rates and substantial fuel savings. Well-proven, reliable technology, requiring minimal maintenance, widely used on new furnaces and turnkey retrofit projects.
      • Fully automatic Reduction Cell Preheating Systems for uniform heat distribution, improved baking, low pull-up voltages, smoother cell start-up, earlier cell stabilisation and prolonged pot life. Suitable for prebake and Søderberg cells, used to preheat relined cells in existing plants as well as modern high amperage cells in new smelters.
      • Innovative Cathode Block Preheating Systems to heat up collector bar / carbon block assemblies prior to casting. Modular design suitable for a wide range of throughputs, can be tailored to accommodate different sizes of bars and blocks.
      • Crucible Heating Systems for uniform drying and rapid preheating of refractories.




News Flash: August 2012

Sterling Industries PLC acquired a majority shareholding in Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd.  Hotwork will continue to operate as a standalone company within the Combustion Technology Division of Sterling Industries PLC.  Sterling Industries PLC is a part of Caledonia Investments PLC.  Chris Armitage, Group Managing Director of Sterling Industries comments; “The acquisition enhances the products and geographical covering of Sterling Industries and assist with the long term development of Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd”.