Low NOx Regenerative Ceramic Burner (RCB)

image: Low NOx Regenerative Ceramic Burner (RBC)


  • Outstanding fuel savings of up to 65%
  • Significant reductions in CO2 emission (directly proportional to fuel savings)
  • Reduced levels of NOx
  • Rapid and uniform heat distribution
  • Robust burner with high turndown and excess air capability
  • Improved productivity
  • No need for refractory-lined flues or recuperator due to low exhaust temperatures
  • Reduced exhaust filtering requirements
  • Highly fuel efficient, compact system
  • Better resistance to heat and corrosion than metallic recuperators
  • Attractive payback period


  • Heat recovery by means of fast cycling compact regenerators working in pairs
  • Typical air preheat: 85% of furnace temperature
  • Staged combustion to reduce NOx levels
  • Velocities in excess of 90 m/s
  • Sizes from 300 kW to 6000 kW
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, manufactured gas and light oil
  • Dual fuel option available
  • Over 10/1 turndown on ratio on natural gas
  • Over 1000 % excess air on natural gas
  • Ignition by premix pilot
  • UV flame detection
  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1500ºC
  • Exhausting by means of exhaust fan or eductor
  • Control options: modulating, high/low, on/off or pulse firing
  • Regenerators can be located under or above the burner

Typical Applications:

  • Aluminium melting
  • Heat treatment
  • Forging
  • Steel reheating
  • Strip lines
  • Ladle heating
  • Glass pots
  • High temperature air heating
  • Waste vitrification
  • Ceramic kilns

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