Iron and Steelmaking

Ladle & Tundish Heating Systems

The Hotwork CT Vessel Drying and Preheating System is now used in over two hundred separate installations at major steelmaking and aluminium plants throughout the world. The process offers significant benefits in terms of combustion efficiency, temperature uniformity and control of temperature.

The most efficient transfer of heat to the vessel lining is achieved during drying and preheating by utilising the products of combustion at high velocity and under pressure. The use of forced convection maximises heat transfer by breaking down the boundary layer of still air adjacent to the surface to be heated.

In drying applications, moisture and volatiles are rapidly removed from the refractory lining. A system can be designed to use high levels of excess air during the drying process, to ensure the efficient removal of water vapour and volatiles from the refractories and also to enable better control of temperature, particularly early in the process at low temperature.

Temperature uniformity over the complete lining surface is also improved, reducing hot spots and so virtually eliminating cracking or spalling of the linings, resulting in increased refractory life.