Hotwork Recuperative Burner (HRB)

image: Hotwork Recuperative Burner (HRB)


  • Up to 50% fuel savings
  • Associated reductions in CO2 emission
  • Robust burner providing excellent heat transfer to the furnace load
  • No conventional flue needed, reducing furnace installation costs
  • Lower waste gas temperatures


  • Integral metallic recuperator
  • Extended flue option for maximum heat recovery
  • Medium velocity of 70m/s
  • Sizes from 30 kW to 900 kW
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, manufactured gas and light oil
  • Dual fuel option available
  • Maximum turndown of 10/1 on ratio on natural gas at furnace temperatures below 1200ºC
  • Excess air level better than 500% on natural gas
  • Long flame burner design available
  • Furnace pressure controlled by a modulating eductor air jet mounted in burner flue
  • Ignition by premix pilot
  • UV flame detection available
  • Normal furnace operating temperatures up to 1250oC. Contact HCT for higher temperatures
  • Recuperator can be used separately: Hotwork Compact Recuperator (HCR)

 Typical Applications:

  • Heat treatment
  • Forging
  • Strip lines
  • Ceramics kilns
  • Crucibles
  • Glass pots

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