The name “HOTWORK”

About the name “Hotwork”

As you may be aware, there are a number of companies which currently trade under the name ‘Hotwork’, all originating from the Hotwork company initially established in 1962 by Trevor Ward in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK.

What we do:

  • Supply of high performance, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly burners.
  • Servicing of industrial combustion systems and after-sales service.
  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of industrial combustion systems.
  • Refractory dry-out and heat-up combustion skid units.
  • Turnkey furnace modernisation.

The main industries served are primary and secondary aluminium, iron and steelmaking, steel reheating, forging, heat-treatment, incineration, glass, ceramics and process industries.

What we don’t do:

  • Refractory dry-out and heat-up services.
  • Burner technology for glass melting furnaces.
  • Services to the glass industry such as crown rise measurements, glass tank draining and regenerator unplugging.

Please note:

  • Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd. has no association with any of the other companies that include the word Hotwork in their name anywhere in the world
  • In North America, Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd. trades as ‘HCT’
  • If you are not sure where to send your enquiry, please send it to . If we cannot deal with it, we will forward it on to the ‘relevant’ company.

Since 2002, the company has been called HOTWORK COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY LIMITED.