Our history and achievements


For over 40 years, HOTWORK has been a world leading pioneer in the development and application of combustion technology for industrial processes using furnaces, kilns, incinerators, ovens and process heaters.

In 1963, the company introduced ground breaking developments in BURNER TECHNOLOGY with the use of HIGH VELOCITY BURNERS in applications such as glass tank heating and vessel heating in steel, extending refractory life and conserving energy, and heat-treatment and reheating leading to improved temperature uniformity and product quality.

In 1974, the company launched the energy efficient HOTWORK RECUPERATIVE BURNER producing air preheat capability of up to 37% of required furnace operating temperatures.

In 1982, in collaboration with British Gas, the company developed the highly energy efficient compact REGENERATIVE CERAMIC BURNER system preheating air to 85-90% of process temperature resulting in fuel savings of up to 65%. HOTWORK was the first company to apply regenerative burner technology to furnaces in the steel and aluminium industries.


In 1999, the company launched the E-JET ULTRA LOW NOx REGENERATIVE BURNER which provides all the energy saving and process advantages of the regenerative system whilst minimising emissions.

In April 2002, the company was reformed as it is today, renewing and sharpening its focus on the core business of COMBUSTION ENGINEERING and ASSOCIATED SERVICES when, as part of a Management Buy-Out, David Robinson and Brian Crowther acquired the combustion activity of Dyson Hotwork Ltd and renamed it ‘Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd.’ (HCT). HCT is the owner of the original Hotwork International and Hotwork Development and the Hotwork trade mark registration itself in the United Kingdom and some other countries in Europe.

In August 2012, Sterling Industries PLC acquired a majority shareholding in Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd.  The former ownership, David Robinson and Brian Crowther will retain a minority shareholding and will remain with the company as Managing Director and Operations Director.  Hotwork Combustion Technology Ltd will continue to operate as an independent company within the Combustion Technology Division of Sterling Industries PLC.

The strength of the Company lies in its ability to UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER’S PROCESS REQUIREMENTS and its INNOVATE APPROACH to designing products and systems for OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE.